At nineteen recording artist, Rashaun Hampton hails currently from Charlotte, North Carolina but was born and raised in Prince Frederick, Maryland giving him both Northern and Southern dynamics to his music.

Citing artists like Kid Cudi, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, and N.E.R.D as his main inspirations, Hampton views them to be the epitome of “total” artists. He mirrors the desire to not only be a musician who composes and performs all his own original music but also as a trendsetter and tastemaker from who has been told is ahead of his time.

Recently featured on Pitchfork as well as Respect , AcureWorld and BLUNTIQ ,Rashaun Hampton is an artist to keep an eye on,  with new music coming out before the end of the year, on the EightyNineTen record label, who knows what 2016 can bring for this talented young man.